Sunday, November 02, 2008

What Type of Ads are you Expecting November 5th?

You favorite television shows, new programs, and sporting events have been brought to you by McCain, Obama, Congressional nominees and incumbents, unions, lobbyist, and special interest groups.

Every ad seems to be back-to-back vote on x and y, and certainly avoid z.

I mentioned this back in August...and who knew what we had coming? Especially with a weak economy some of your regular advertisers might be monitoring their advertising cash flow a little more cautiously.

So what do you think we'll see on November 5th, one day after the election when all the votes are casts and the decisions are made (we hope).

My predictions:
- Big Box Retailers searching for holiday dollars, like Home Depot, Walmart, Best Buy.
- Movie Entertainment, especially holiday blockbusters trying to etch there way into families schedules and budgets
- Car Companies always have ads, and despite the challenging financial times for the car industry I expect to see more Honda and VW commercials, as well as some luxury car brands thrown into the mix. Maybe even a few Chevy Volt commercials like were shown frequently during the Olympics.
- TV advertising TV, this is always inevitable and what better way to fill the dead space then promoting at 7pm what will be showing tomorrow at 8pm...or even networks advertising cable and cable advertising networks.

I expect less than normal advertising from speciality stores, online brands, restaurants, credit cards and banks on November 5th.

What do you predict?

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Heather said...

Ad space will continue to be dominated by prescription drug ads, complete with unappealing lists of all the possible side effects.