Sunday, January 04, 2009

Supporting Actress Blog-a-Thon: Frances McDormand - Burn After Reading

Frances McDormand consistently gets the opertunity to play some of the quirkiest characters in her husband's black comedies. The Coen Brothers brand is so unique, and McDormand roles in these films are a staple in the bizarest of bizarre.

Burn After Reading has such a colorful palette of characters, from the coarseness of John Malkovich, the tenderness of Richard Jenkins, the perverseness of George Clooney, and Zealousness of Brad Pitt -- yet some how all of these characters are balanced out by Frances McDormand.

You'd think the accents and the strange motivations would get old, but whether it's Dot in Raising Arizona, Marge in Fargo, or this role as Linda Litzke, you have to acknowledge that McDormand's ability to pull off these characters is one of a kind.

In Burn After Reading, McDormand's interactions with each of the characters and her undying desire to have some plastic surgery is the magic ingredient in this film that makes it work. With out her character the film would be a failure, and I can't imagine anyone else would could play the part.

This post is a contribution to StinkyLulu's Class of 2008 Supporting Actress Blog-a-thon. Check out the other entries at StinkyLulu's site.

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Will said...

She was really memorable & quite enjoyable, I thought.

Always enjoy these lead-ups to the awards. I'm curious to see what the Oscar noms are on the 22nd. I'm guessing you've already alerted us to many of them.

Sophiarosado said...

what a great blog-a-thon. I'm proud to have participated in the this the past 3 years...what an intersting list it has created this year!i'm so glad i did onw. it's so exciting to be a part of this!


Unknown said...

Thanks , Sophia for sharing this great movie site!!!

Marc Azada said...

Frances McDormand did an awesome job on that movie. She totally deserve the recognition that she is getting right now.

Unknown said...

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