Monday, August 10, 2009

Similar Name, Not the Same: Up (in the air)

In continuing the "Similar Name, Not the Same" series...

I present...
Up & Up In the Air
Up: An old man's true love dies, leaving him all alone, and cranky. He decides to fulfill him and his wife's dream by moving their house (with balloons) to their dream destination where there is a crazy bird, a boy scout hitchhiker, and Christopher Plummer with crazy talking dogs.

Up in the Air: A divorced 35 year old man (George Clooney) travels the country firing employees of his large corporation for a living, with hopes of getting one million frequent traveler miles before leaving or being fired himself. Inbetween alchol and relations with women in Las Vegas he fears someone might be stealing his frequent flier miles.

Common theme: Men sometimes don't get a chance to travel if they're tied down by women.

Not the Same: Somehow, the animated kid's film is sad, sentimental, and serious; the live-action film for adults is more whimsical and will be less likely to make you cry.

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