Sunday, November 07, 2010

Best Picture Re-Predictions: Let's Pretend There Are 50 Contenders

Trying to get excited about this years film year is a little challenging. Outside of the award circles, it's hard to find many people talking about the Oscar race.

That being said I recently decided to revisit by summer list of 50 potential best picture nominees and decided that it actually wasn't a half bad list.

There really aren't 50 true contenders, but I decided to leave my original 50 on the list, and added a few more (to replace those that fell out to 2011).

So here's my new list, 5 months later.

If I Had To Guess the Nominated 10

1. The Social Network (dir. David Fincher) [was 17]
2. The King's Speech (dir. Tom Hopper) [was 16]
3. 127 Hours (dir. Danny Boyle) [*New*]
4. Inception (dir. Christopher Nolan) [was 6]
5. The Kids Are All Right (dir. Lisa Cholodenko) [was 5]
6. Toy Story 3 (dir. Lee Unkrich) [was 19]
7. Another Year (dir. Mike Leigh)[was 7]
8. True Grit (dir. Joel & Ethan Coen) [was 2]
9. The Way Back (dir. Peter Weir) [was 1]
10. The Fighter (dir. David O. Russell) [was 12]

Some Real Possibilities

11. Winter's Bone (dir. Debra Granik) [was 44]
12. Love and Other Drugs (dir. Edward Zwick)[was 4]
13. Made In Dagenham (dir. Nigel Cole) [*New*]
14. How Do You Know (previously Everything You've Got) (dir. James L. Brooks)[was 14]
15. Shutter Island (dir. Martin Scorsese) [was 26]
16. Secretariat (dir. Randall Wallace) [was 25]
17. Biutiful (dir. Alejandro González Iñárritu) [was 15]
18. Rabbit Hole (dir. John Cameron Mitchell) [was 42]
19. The Town (dir. Ben Affleck) [was 45]
20. Get Low (dir. Aaron Schneider) [was 10]

The Rest Are Just Stretches

21. The Company Men (dir. John Wells) [was 39]
22. Black Swan (dir. Darren Aronofsky) [was 20]
23. Animal Kingdom (dir .David Michôd)[was 24]
24. The Tourist (dir. Florian Henckel von Donnersmark) [*New*]
25. Robin Hood (dir. Ridley Scott) [was 32]
26. The Next Three Days (dir. Paul Haggis) [was 21]
27. Casino Jack (dir. George Hickenlooper) [*New*]
28. Somewhere (dir. Sofia Coppola) [was 18]
29. Morning Glory (dir. Roger Michell) [*New*]
30. The Tempest (dir. Julie Taymor) [was 41]
31. Conviction (previously Betty Anne Watters) (dir. Tony Goldwyn)[was 13]
32. Hereafter (dir. Clint Eastwood) [was 8]
33. Fair Game (dir. Doug Liman) [was 37]
34. Nowhere Boy (dir. Sam Taylor Wood) [was 48]
35. Blue Valentine (dir. Derek Cianfrance) [was 49]

No Way, Just Filling Out the List

36. Country Strong (dir. Shana Feste) [*New*]
37. How To Train Your Dragon (dirs. Dean DeBlois & Chris Sanders) [was 43]
38. Barney's Version (dir. Richard J. Lewis) [was 50]
39. Never Let Me Go (dir. Mark Romanek)[was 9]
40. The Illusionist (dir. Sylvain Chomet) [*New*]
41. Miral (dir. Julian Schnabel) [was 3]
42. Howl (dirs. Rob Epstein & Jeffery Friedman) [was 31]
43. Wall Street: Money Never Sleeps (dir. Oliver Stone) [was 30]
44. Eat, Pray, Love (dir. Ryan Murphy)[was 29]
45. The American (dir. Anton Corbijn) [was 34]
46. Jack Goes Boating (dir. Phillip Seymore Hoffman) [was 22]
47. The Debt (dir. John Madden) [was 23]
48. You Will Meet A Tall Dark Stranger (dir. Woody Allen) [was 27]
49. Tamara Drewe (dir. Stephen Frears) [was 33]
50. Love Ranch (dir. Taylor Hackford) [was 40]

Fell From The Previous List to 2011

The Tree of Life (dir. Terrence Malick)[was 11]
The Conspirator (dir. Robert Redford)[was 28]
London Boulevard (dir. William Monahan)[was 35]
Brighton Rock (dir. Rowan Joffe) [was 36]
The Rum Diary (dir. Bruce Robinson) [was 38]
The Beaver (dir. Jodie Foster) [was 46]
What's Wrong With Virginia (dir. Dustin Lance Black) [was 47]

Number 50 image from Leo Reynolds.


Anonymous said...

I find it odd that you would call Black Swan just a stretch when you call films like Shutter Island, Secretariat, Love & Other Drugs, and The Town real possibilities. I think you're wrong.

Unknown said...

I don't think that a blockbuster like Inception could win, but I hope, they at least nominate it. By the way, do you know when they officially announce the nominates? I know there's already a list of ten animated films that qualified.

Great post, I haven't seen half of the movies you mention here, so it will give me an idea of what movies to watch, so that I'm not completely clueless when they announce the short lists.

Castor said...

Interesting that you have Black Swan so low given all the buzz and love it's been getting the past few weeks. Not that I agree or disagree ;)