Monday, April 23, 2007

Vanishing Bees - Paranormal Activity?

When I read this story today of the vanishing honeybees I couldn't help but think of the X-Files movie.

The scene of Agent Fox Mulder and Agent Dana Skully running from the bee's that come up from out of the floor of the glowing bubble they somehow found themselves in.

Anyways...I think that either Alien's are abducting these disappearing bees or perhaps terrorist are kidnapping these bees and holding them hostage.

Either way, it sounds like a job for specail agents Mulder and Skully. Although a special congressional hearing has been called for June 24-30 in regards to the disappearing bees.

I can hear the theme music now.

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Marius said...

I think the missing bees are preparing for a full scale attack on Houston, TX. And only Michael Cane can stop them.

F.J. Delgado said...

Awesome post... brings back memories of one of my favorite shows of all time.

After Fight the Future (the X-Files movie), they didn't follow the bee storyline as I thought they might have.

What's your favorite episode, RC?

Sheila West said...

A congressional hearing?? Sounds like the opening scene of a GREAT (no pun intended!) B-movie!

AWG said...

Yeah, the alien GMOs and bees ... brilliant, RC! As a serious X-phile myself, I'm glad you brought up this angle. Now, I've seen bees and other stinging insects flying around here in central Oklahoma but not as many as usual.

My favorite ep: "Jose Chung's 'From Outer Space'"

Art said...

I had no idea that vanishing honeybees were a problem.

That's bad because I love honey:)...

jasdye said...

one of my coworkers just put up her beehive yesterday. was showing pix and everything. completely dis-interested, thankyouverymuch.

and it makes you think of x-files? for like 6 straight posts. God bless you man.

Anonymous said...

The missing bees are the beginning of a runaway inflation that is in the works.