Sunday, July 24, 2011

First Thoughts - Captain America: The First Avenger

Watching the previews before Captain America, one sees the Spider-Man relaunch with Andrew Garfield in the headline role, and you think - why are we re-launching this again?

Some Superhero stories are a little over told. I love Christopher Nolan's Batman series for a number of reasons, but the Batman story is also a well told story that if anyone tries to relaunch that in the next decade or two it will be a little disappointing.

That being said, Captain America, a second tiered superhero (unlike the 3rd tier heroes who make up the rest of the Avenger world) was worthy of a big screen story. I've never see Albert Pyun's 1990 Captain America, but I'm advised that it's highly worth avoiding.

My wife and I saw Joe Johnson's Captain America: The First Avenger and my wife...a person who has minimal interest in anything science fiction, finds herself wrapped in some of these comic book stories, and Captain America: The First Avenger is very accessible.

The origin stories screenplay by Christopher Markus and Stephen McFeely (the scripters of the recent Chronicle of Narnia stories), has created something here that captures the history of the early in 1940s and WWI and slowly integrates the sci-fi into the story.

It's only half-way through the film that the antagonist Johann Schmidt (Hugo Weaving) tips over from just a crazy man with special energy equipment and glowing cube to a red faced guy with guns that blast people into pixie dust, and by then even the not-so-comicy in the crowd are hooked.

I must say, watching Captain America was the first time I began to get excited about The Avengers as a large series. It was exciting to see the pieces come to play, independently as quality products. It made me want to see how this all plays out, and in hopes that the product maintains a level of quality similar to this film.

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Larry said...

I saw the movie today and really liked it a lot. I am not so sure how much I will like The Avengers though, as the best part of this film was its World War II setting. Personally I would rather see Chris Evans do a third Fantastic Four movie than another Captain America. But thats just the opinion of a Fantastic Four fan.

Apra Barua said...

The World War II setting gives the movie an edge over other superhero movies. It makes it feel more realistic.